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Jill Mavro, Bridget Greenwood, Jim Eckenrode, Catalina Camoscio – Achieving Gender Equality in Fintech

Why is gender equality in the Fintech space so elusive? Despite the focus of firms, technologists and venture capitalists to open opportunities to more female innovators, access to capital remains limited. What are the factors that continue to drive that trend? In this season we explore these questions and just what the primary stakeholder groups could do to help improve outcomes and create more gender diversity in the fintech community. Our discussion will be based […]

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Karen Vinella And Jagathi Gururajan – Understanding the Ethics of Fintech

The pandemic has fueled and accelerated the growth of fintech. While fintech is getting increasing regulatory attention, the onus is higher on developers of new technology to self-govern how they capture, manage and use consumer data. Fintech companies need to find a balance between running a profitable business and an ethical business. This session discusses: the role of ethics in a rapidly evolving new-tech industry, relationships between regulations and ethics, the impact on consumer privacy […]

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