We have a growing list of friends of FintechWomen whose business focuses on building and strengthening inclusive organizations. They work across young companies, mature corporations and higher-ed institutions. Feel free to send us your recommendations too.

If you would like to invest in building diverse organization, here is a good place to start.

RENGA Consulting Services

Renga consultants lead Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) college campus assessments using a process we call “Project Inclusion.”  We provide organization-wide strategic planning, helping organizations define DEI mission, objectives, strategies, and facilitate the realignment of resources to strengthen institutions.  Renga’s consultants serve as external program evaluators for federal and foundation funded grants and consulting with program directors and staff about meeting objectives.   Learn more about what Renga can do for you and your organization at rengaconsulting.com.


Orange Grove Consulting

Orange Grove Consulting helps companies retain and advance women to achieve gender equity, and to improve cost savings by maximizing talent investment and reducing attrition. Our Gender Assessment identifies opportunities to improve the organization’s competitive advantage by attracting, retaining and engaging talented women.