Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption with AI in Business

The practical uses of Artificial Intelligence seem to be continuously under scrutiny and debate. Nevertheless, opportunities abound, especially for women in the fintech world. Katie King shares her deep insights into how AI works, and what it takes to deliver true business transformation in pursuit of strategic competitive advantage in Part 1 of our 3-part series “Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption | Part 1: AI In Practice”. This event has passed. Please click here to view event details […]

Intelligence Adoption with Designing AI Solutions

What does AI mean to the capability of customers to accumulate wealth in the future? How are companies leveraging these technologies to create better financial outcomes? In Part 2: Designing AI Solutions, Sindhu Joseph, co-founder and CEO of CogniCor discusses critical inputs, factors and barriers to innovation in designing AI technology for Wealth Management This event has passed. Please click here to view event details and a recording

Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption

If you built it (#AI Solutions, that is), will they buy it? Will they use it?  Fintech investor Senofer Mendoza and industry veteran turned investor Ken Mooney speak about the commercialization of AI solutions. In the final part of the Driving #AI Adoption series, the discussion moves into the money questions – what makes AI solutions attractive for Financial Services, what entrepreneurs should consider when pricing AI and developing revenue models. The two investors will […]

Diversity In Fintech: Celebrating Women Leaders in Fintech

Can diversity in fintech be an advantage? We want it to be! Fintech CEOs Aimeelene Gasper, LionX and Maryanne Morrow, 9th Gear share their insights as women leaders in fintech. Not shy to reach for what they envision, these dynamic leaders talk about  personal experiences, the landscape for women leaders in fintech and look ahead to identify opportunities during the long tail of post-pandemic economic recovery. This event has passed. Please click here to view […]

Staying Human in a Fintech World

Stefanie Heiter, Founder and CEO, Bridging Distance LLC and Allison MacLeod, Flywire, EVP Global Marketing join FintechWomen to discuss and  address how we can retain our humanity when communicating in less human ways: What makes us different; gender, business discipline, generational Communicating to the overly burdened Active listening and knowing your audience Continued evolution of virtual communications This event has passed. Please click here to view event details and a recording