Meghan Spillane (Goodwin), Stephen Leahy (Circle) – Understanding Crypto for Business
What about #crypto?!!!  Over the last few years, Bitcoin users and transactions have averaged a growth rate of nearly 60%
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Kimberly Monty Holzel, Danielle Reyes and Stefania Di Bartolomeo – Fintech + ESG
The Fintech landscape is evolving as a result of a new generation of more ethically-minded individuals and organizations. Environmental, Social
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Lynne Marlor and Janice Leahy-Daniels, The Business of Blockchain
In a digital world, the way we regulate and maintain administrative control has to change. Blockchain promises to solve this
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Information Security
Barbara Cousins and Diana Riley, Information Security: An Opportunity and a Threat
Diana Riley, VP, Senior Information Security Officer & Data Privacy Liaison at StateStreet and Barbara Cousins, Chief Information Security Officer
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Stefanie Heiter and Allison MacLeod, Staying Human in a Fintech World
Stefanie Heiter, Founder and CEO, Bridging Distance LLC and Allison MacLeod, Flywire, EVP Global Marketing join FintechWomen to discuss and
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