Laurel Egan Kenny, Branding U: Your Personal Brand in Today’s World of FinTech

Laurel Egan Kenny, President of Turningpoint Communications joined FinTechWomen for a virtual discussion about personal brand in light of current events. This fascinating discussion reviews the role of personal brands in purposefully helping fintechs and fintech professionals adapt through unsettling uncertainty and answered questions such as “Do personal brands have a role in speeding up the economic recovery?” and “What does it take to strengthen your value-driven brand at a time when Covid19 dominates the […]

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Barbara Russell, Fintech & Speed to Economic Recovery

As women and professionals with an interest in all things fintech, we must assess what the role of technology will be on the road to economic recovery. On the personal side of this, the universal acceptance of working from home with all its quirks in just a couple of weeks is truly remarkable. To talk with us about the many sides of life, work and business, we are excited to have financial services veteran and […]

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